Get prepared, then show off your skills by becoming certified!

What skills are expected of new employees? We surveyed local business professionals to find out. They made it very clear that proficiency in MS Office is essential. Check out the results of the survey. How would you measure up? Also, according to a recent study by Burning Glass Technologies, MS Office and Excel are employers' top requested software skills.

What do students say about Tech Certifications? Video

These internationally recognized certification exams from are taken during class. Students prepare for exams at their own pace, and take certification exams when they are ready. Most of the assignments used in these courses can be found on this website.

Several certifications fill proficiency credit at Harper College.

Digital Web Design

Every company needs a website. Discover the world of webpage design. Prepare for ACA certification. (Adobe Certified Associate).

  • Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash

Tech Certifications 1-4

Imagine taking a class where students get to choose their curriculum.  Tech Certifications 1-4 gives students this option. Students in Tech Certifications 1-4 may choose from the following courses.  For even more customization, courses are self-paced.  Students take certification exams during class when they are ready.  Watch this video to see what students are saying about Tech Certifications. Check out these student choices!

IC3 GS4 Certification

Show colleges and employers you are computer literate. Prepare for IC3 certification (Internet and Computing Core Certification Global Standard 4). Many colleges (including Harper College) offer proficiency credit CIS 100 credit for students with IC3 certification. This certification consists of three exams:  Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications (MS Office), and Living Online.  Students earning IC3 certification will receive an automatic 100% as their final exam grade.  Learn more at  Prerequisite:  none

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

According to a recent survey of local business professionals, proficiendy in MS office is essential.  Be ready for college and business—become a pro inn MS Office.   Students who earn three of these six certifications will receive an automatic 100% as their final exam  grade and earn proficiency credit in CAS 110, CAS 120, CAS 130, and CAS 140 at Harper College.  You might even win the MS Office World Championship. Learn more at  Prerequisite:  none, however completion of IC3 GS4 curriculum would be helpful.  This course may be repeated. 

  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Word Expert
  • Excel
  • Excel Expert
  • Access

Google Certification and
BHS Tech Tools Expert

Become an expert in Google Apps and the other tech tools available at BHS.  Students earning their Google Apps for Education Qualified Individual certificate and successfully completing their BHS portfolio will earn an automatic 100% as their final exam grade.  Prerequisite:  none

Certified BHS Student Tech Coach

This exciting new Tech Certification is offered by BHS.  Students in this course will run a BHS Help Desk for teachers and other students.  Certified BHS Student Tech Coaches will create tutorials and provide technology assistance while preparing for additional certifications.  Prerequisite:  Completion of Google Certification and BHS Tech Tools Expert and at least one other Tech Certifications course.

Incubator Excel Lessons