Business Professionals of America

BPA Regionals at Harper

BPA Regionals at Harper

BPA Regionals at Harper

BPA Regionals at Harper

BPA Regionals at Harper

Regional Competition

Regional Competition

Regional Competition

Regional Competition

Regional Competition

Regional Competition

Congratulations Winners!

BHS Chapter Wins Big in Business Professionals of America National Competitions

Business Professionals of America is a national student organization that started in 1966—fifty years ago! From May 5 – 9, 2016, thousands of BPA State Winners from across the country gathered in Boston to compete and showcase their business skills. This National Leadership Conference is the culmination of the BPA year filled with hard work and dedication.

Our Barrington High School students started their journey in the fall as they prepared for the regional competition in December at Harper College.  Students competed against Stevenson, Fremd, and Palatine high schools.  Of the 30 BPA BHS members, 20 qualified to advance state level competition March. 

Of those 20 students, 14 earned medals in their events, and of the 14, six qualified to advance to Nationals:  Kaylin Hu (Personal Financial Management and Banking & Finance), Angela Choksi (Interview Skills), Rohan Katakam (Computer Security), Ellis Sawyer (Computer Security), Ishaan Sehgal (Fundamentals of Web Design), and Alice Wang (Extemporaneous Speech).

In March, Kartik Sarangmath joined Rohan, Ellis and Ishaan in the virtual BPA competition Web Application Team by developing a web based tutorial. They later gave an online presentation to a BPA judge. They did a great job and qualified to advance to Nationals.  With the addition of Kartik, BHS now had seven national qualifiers. 

At 6 am Thursday morning, six students were on a plane heading to Boston.  Unfortunately, Angela was not able to join us.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were filled with competitions.  In addition to their qualified events, students had opportunities to compete in “open” events.

The conference ended with an exciting awards ceremony Sunday night.  We were thrilled to find out all six BHS students won at least one award—more success than BHS has ever had!   Kaylin Hu (1st Place in Banking & Finance), Ishaan Sehgal (1st Place in Fundamentals of Web Design), Alice Wang (6th Place out of 569 in Management, Marketing and Human Resources), and Ellis Sawyer, Ishaan Sehgal, Kartik Sarangmath, and Rohan Katakam (3rd Place in Web Application Team).

Students are already starting to prepare for next year! These amazing students are only sophomores.  I can’t wait to see how well they do their Junior and Senior years!
More information about Business Professionals of America can be found at Videos of the awards ceremonies can be viewed at

State Competition March 2016

Business Professionals of America Wins Big at State!

At our BPA Regional competition last December, 19 BHS BPA students qualified to advance to State, which was held at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Oak Brook last week. More than 1,000 students from over 40 Illinois high schools competed in business and computer related events.

Fourteen of our awesome  BHS Regional winners won medals at the state level.  These were tough competitions. Six of our medalists did so well that they qualified to advance to Nationals, which will be held May 5-8 in Boston, Massachusetts. Joining them will be our Virtual Web Application Team, as they, too, qualified to advance to the National level.

This is the most successful BHS chapter since BPA started in 2010-11. Please congratulate these amazing students.



Global Marketing Team

Ali Elganzouri
Sikander Kazi
Armand Sarkisian
George Baldassano

Computer Modeling

Isabella Buitrago

Interview Skills

Angela Choksi*

Banking & Finance

Kaylin Hu*

Personal Financial Management

Kaylin Hu*

Computer Security

Rohan Katakam*

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications

Kartik Sarangmath

Computer Network Technology

Ellis Sawyer

Computer Security

Ellis Sawyer*

Fundamentals of Web Design

Ishaan Sehgal*

Fundamental Word Processing

Aryan Walia

Extemporaneous Speech

Alice Wang*

Fundamental Word Processing

Alex Zhang

Virtual Event: Web Application Team

Ishaan Sehgal*
Ellis Sawyer*
Kartik Sarangmath*
Rohan Katakam*

*National Qualifier



State Competition February 2015

 BHS BPA State Winners 2015

  1. David Barabasz, Computer Modeling, national qualifier
  2. Ali Elganzouri, BPA Statesman
  3. Michael Gear, Business Meeting Management Concepts
  4. Blake Kotel, Job Interview and BPA Statesman, national qualifier
  5. Sanjit Narendra, BPA Statesman
  6. Armand Sarkisian and Sikandar Kazi, Global Marketing Team (top six)
  7. Ellis Sawyer, Computer Security
  8. Rahul Surti, Java Programming
  9. Drew Tippet, Human Resource Management, national qualifier
  10. Anthony Zhou, BPA Merit Scholar (not pictured--Anthony also had a busy weekend--he went from BPA to his Math Team competition)


Regional Competition at Harper College December 2014


Ali Omair 250 Medical Office Procedures
Ali Omair 500 Global Marketing Team 1
Barabasz David 425 Computer Modeling
Elganzouri Ali 430 Video Production Team 1
Elganzouri Ali 545 Prepared Speech
Elganzouri Omar 230 Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Elganzouri Omar 520 Advanced Interview Skills
Gear Michael 205 Fundamental Word Processing
Kazi Sikandar 500 Global Marketing Team 2
Kotel Blake 430 Video Production Team 1
Kotel Blake 520 Advanced Interview Skills
Morasca Michael 430 Video Production Team 1
Narendra Sanjit 430 Video Production Team 1
Sarkisian Armand 500 Global Marketing Team 2
Sawyer Ellis 320 Computer Security
Sehgal Ishaan 405 Fundamentals of Web Design
Surti Rahul 340 Java Programming
Tippet Drew 500 Global Marketing Team 1
Tippet Drew 535 Human Resource Management
Wilson Jack 500 Global Marketing Team 1
Zhou Anthony 145 Banking & Finance



2013-14 State Winners

Blake Kotel and Adam Rzadkowski qualified to advance to the National level.  This competition will be this May in Indianapolis.

These were tough competitions.  Congratulations on your hard work and accomplishments.

Regional Competition at Harper College

Last First Event
Ali Omair (250) Medical Office Procedures 
Ali Omair (500) Global Marketing Team
Elganzouri Ali (500) Global Marketing Team
Elganzouri Ali (545) Prepared Speech
Elganzouri Omar (520) Advanced Interview Skills
Kazanowski Christian (190) Financial Math & Analysis Concepts-Open
Kazanowski Christian (445) Broadcast News Production Team
Koh Jay (500) Global Marketing Team
Kotel Blake (520) Advanced Interview Skills
Morasca Michael (245) Legal Office Procedures 
Narendra Sanjit (290) Administrative Support Concepts – Open
Narendra Sanjit (505) Entrepreneurship
Nilles Luke (445) Broadcast News Production Team
O'Brien Patrick (445) Broadcast News Production Team
Robbins Will (390) Computer Programming Concepts – Open
Robbins Will (445) Broadcast News Production Team
Rothman Paul (145) Banking & Finance 
Rzadkowski Adam (305) PC Servicing  & Troubleshooting 
Rzadkowski Adam (340) Java Programming 
Rzadkowski Adam (391) Information Technology Concepts – Open
Tippet Drew (535) Human Resource Management
Wilson Jack (190) Financial Math & Analysis Concepts-Open
Wilson Jack (500) Global Marketing Team



State Winners

Congratulations Drew, Will, and Anish! Good Luck at Nationals, Drew!

Regional Winners

Business Professionals of America students participated in the regional competition against Stevenson, Palatine, and Fremd High Schools.  Of the eighteen students who participated, twelve qualified to compete at the state level. Way to go!

First Last Competition Place
Michael Chen Advanced Word Processing 1st
Michael Chen Java Programming 2nd
Adam Rzadkowski Java Programming 1st
Adam Rzadkowski Computer Security 3rd
Blake Kotel Web Design Team 1st
Sanjit Narendra Web Design Team 1st
William Robbins Web Design Team 1st
Drew Tippet Web Design Team 1st
Griffin Flack Broadcast News Team 1st
Brian Keller Broadcast News Team 1st
William Robbins Entrepreneurship 2nd
Blake Kotel Interview Skills 1st
Omar Elganzouri Advanced Interview Skills 1st
Drew Tippet Human Resources Management 1st
Ali Elganzouri Prepared Speech 3rd
Anish Doshi Web Applications Team 1st
Brian Hoppe Web Applications Team 1st



State Winners

Five BHS students won at the State Level and qualified to advance to Nationals. Congratulations!

Regional Winners

Barrington's BPA students competed at Stevenson High School after school December 13 against Stevenson, Fremd, and Palatine high schools.  Many BHS students qualified to compete at the state level in February. Congratulations!

    Website Design Team  Entrepreneurship Winner!  Speech and Interview Skills

Name Contest Place
Joseph Branick Web Site Design Team 1
Joseph Branick Advanced Spreadsheet Applications 1
Michael Chen Fundamental Word Processing 1
Anish Doshi Java Programming 2
Omar Elganzouri Interview Skills 3
Nicholas Kinton Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications 2
Melissa Kostecki Entrepreneurship 1
Priyanka Pradhan Advanced Spreadsheet Applications 2
Priyanka Pradhan Advanced Word Processing Skills 1
William Robbins Web Site Design Team 1
Paul Rothman Fundamental Word Processing 5
Adam Rzadkowski Web Site Design Team 1
Paige Svoboda Web Site Design Team 1
Paige Svoboda Desktop Publishing 2


We proud to say that BPA had a very successful first year in 2010-11. There were many regional winners, two state winners, and one national finalist! Way to go Priyanka and Joey! State Conference 2011 Video