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EverFi Schedule
Due Date EverFi Lesson
Mon, 3/10 9) Investing
Mon, 3/17 1) Savings
Mon, 3/31 2) Banking
Mon, 4/7 3) Payment, Interest Rates, and Credit Cards
Mon, 4/14 4) Credit Score
Mon, 4/21 5) Financing Higher Education
Mon, 4/28 6) Renting vs. Owning
Mon, 5/5 7) Taxes and Insurance
Mon, 5/12 8) Consumer Fraud

Each EverFi post test is worth 50 points and may be retaken for full credit.


Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators

Textbook Resource

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Intro to Bus Textbook


Other Textbook Resources


Intro to Business, 2003

Review for Final Exam


The Economy and You

Shark Tank: Turbobaster

Decision Making ppt wkst evaluation

Ch 1: A Look at Wants and Needs

Ch 2: Economic Resources and Systems

Hudsucker Proxy

Economic Distribution in US

Worksheet: Supply and Demand

Video: Kindgom of Mocha

Ch 3: Economic Activity in a Changing World

Ch 4: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Owning and Operating Business

Ch 5: Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Ch 6: Business Ownership and Operations

Groups Affecting Business

Ch 10 Business in a Global Economy

Ch 11 The Role of Government in Business

Fed and September 11 Video Worksheet

Money Characteristics and Functions

Ch 12 Money and Fincial Institutions Key

Marketing to the Consumer



Buying Goods and Services

EverFi Topics

  • Consumer Fraud

Presentation Project: Consumer Resources

Ch 22: Making Consumer Decisions KEY

Ch 23: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities KEY

Ch 24: Protecting Consumers KEY

Ch 22-24 Review KEY

Practice Test


EverFi Topics

  • Savings
  • Banking
  • Payment, Interest Rates, and Credit Cards
  • Credit Score


Ch 25: What is Credit? key

Ch 26: How to Get and Keep Credit key

Ch 27: Your Credit and the Law key

Money Management

EverFi Topics

  • Financing Higher Education
  • Renting Vs Owning
  • Investing

Ch 28: Planning a Budget

Ch 29: Checking Accounts

Ch 30 Savings Accounts

Ch 31 Investing in Stocks

Video: Hudsucker Proxy Worksheet

Review for Test (KEY)
Money Review

Risk Management

EverFi Topcs

  • Taxes and Insurance

Video: Insurance Ads1, 2, 3

Video: Choice, Chance, and Control

Videos: NextGeneration

Videos: Insurance 101

Video: Affordable Care Act

Compare Auto Rates