Chapter 29 Checkbook Files

  1. Complete the Check writing worksheet (done together in class). Print and turn in.
  2. Open and read the Deposits and Withdrawals and for January through April.
    1. Notice how the Deposits and Withdrawals were entered in the Register.
    2. Notice how the Account Reconcilement forms at the bottom of the Statements for January and February were completed. We call this "Reconciling" or "Balancing" the checkbook.
  3. Complete the register for March.
  4. Balance the checkbook for March by completing the Account Reconcilement form at the bottom of the March statement. (Refer to deposits and withdrawals for dollar amounts)
  5. Complete the register and Account Reconcilement forms for April. (refer to the deposits and withdrawals)
  6. Answer the questions from Chapter 29

Note: The Statements and Register may be completed using Excel.

Step How to Balance a Checkbook
(Complete the Account Reconcilememt form)
1 Check off entries in register that match entries on statement
2 List the checks and other payments that are still outstanding
3 Enter bank charges in your register and subtract them.
4 Complete the reconciliation form at the bottom of the statement