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Career Exploration

Using these resources, complete the 3 Careers Worksheet

    • Explore Careers > What's Hot
    • Salary & Benefits > Highest Paying Jobs
    • User Name:
      • ID 039652 would be
      • bsd-039652
      • don't forget that darn dash!
    • Password:
      • Birthday as mmddyyyy
      • March 5, 1997  would be
      • 03051997
    • Let me know if your log-in doesn't work. I'll give you mine if necessary.
    1. Careers > Career Selector: Use this to explore what careers are best for you.
    2. Click a career, then use the left nav to find:
      • Suitable for You?
      • Job Description
      • Working Conditions
      • Earnings
      • Education
        • Find college majors for that career and the colleges that offer those majors.
        • Click a college. The left nav changes to info about that college, such as tuition and admissions.
        • Save schools to "MyPlan"
      • Sample Career Path
      • Related Careers
      • Other Resources
      • Interviews of people in that career.
    3. Save assessments, careers, and schools to MyPlan for easy access the next time you use CareerCruising.


Video: Sell Yourself

Attach this completed worksheet to the Mock Interview Day of your page of your Google Site

Other Resources/Tips

Mock Interview Day

Mock Interview Makeup Assignment

Students who are absent on Mock Interview Day may make it up by completing one of these activities: (student choice)

  1. Schedule a mock interview with a counselor at the high school at a date/time convenient for the counselor. (be sure to bring the rubric and your resume)
  2. Create four unique cover letters for four separate job positions.  The job descriptions must be attached to each letter. Modify the objective of your resume to match each letter. 
  3. Read and summarize at least ten articles on on tips for getting and keeping a job.  Create a professional PowerPoint on your research.


Business Letters

  • How to Format a Business Letter
  • How to Write a Business Letter
  • Thank you letter outline
    • Purpose: Thank you for.....
    • Details: Why you appreciate, how this helped.
    • Goodwill: Thank again
  • Cover letter outline
    • Purpose: Job you're applying for and how you learned about it.
    • Details: Why you're qualified
    • Goodwill and Action: Compliment them or company. Ask for an interview.


IC3 Certification