Win the
Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship!


There are basically three goals is these lessons:

  1. Learn enough about MS Office so you can pass the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams. With these certifications, you will stand out among other job applicants for searching for employment. Furthermore, Harper College offers college credit for MOS certifications.
  2. Remember what you learned so you can use MS Office in your future career and in college. You'll build an online portfolio with samples of your work as well as tips and tricks written by you.
  3. Apply what you learn to your other classes--making those classes easier for you.


Certification Preparation & Portfolio

Pearson MS Office 2010 Deluxe Edition

  1. Login to our Online Classroom (Pearson MS Office 2010 Deluxe Edition) to access files and submit grader projects.
    • Open Internet Explorer (this probably won't work with Chrome or Firefox)
    • Go to
    • Click Register, and create an account using your email address and your actual name
    • Click "Log in Now"
    • Click "Enroll in a Course"
    • The current Course ID and Course Name are available on our Google Site.
  2. Complete the "Grader Projects--Homework" for the exam you're working on. Each grader project is graded instantly when submitted to the Pearson online classroom. If you don't like your score, you may redo your grader project up to five times. Refer to the Resources page for help.
    • To access Grade Projects follow these steps: Assignments > To Do. (Note the "Show More" button available at the bottom of the list)
    • Click the Start button and download the zipped file.
    • Move the zipped file where you normally save your work. Right click the Zipped file and Extract All files.
    • Open the Instructions and follow the steps. Tip: You might want to print the steps. Also, mark each step as you complete it.
    • Take notes on new features you learn, and add these notes to your Google SIte portfolio. This will make it much easier for you to study for your certification exam. If you do take the final, you're allowed to use your portfolio. These notes will be helpful then, too.
    • When done, submit your completed file.
    • To view your graded Grader Project:
      1. Click the Learning MS Office 2010 Deluxe Edition course
      2. Assignments > To Do
      3. Click the down arrow next to the project you want to check, and select View Submissions.
      4. On the left, click your score. A frame will open on the right with the options, Submitted File, Summary Report, Marked-up Report, and Download Submission with Live Comments. Use these to find your errors.
    • You may correct and resubmit Grader Projects up to five times. Only your highest scores are recorded as your "Prep Points."
  3. Add your finished Grader Project to your Google Site portfolio, and enter the tips and tricks you'll want to remember.
  4. Fill out the "Please Grade" form so I know to grade your project and enter your score in the gradebook.
  5. Check comments I add to your portfolio to see what needs to be corrected. All assignments may be redone for a higher grade. Also, double check that the scores on your portfolio match the scores in the gradebook.
  6. For extra practice in Excel, complete the Business Professionals of America practice competition for Fundamental Spreadsheets and Advanced Spreadsheets.
  7. Complete the practice questions through GMetrix.
  8. Take the certification exam. You'll have two chances to pass. If you do pass, your "Prep points" will be changed to 100%
  9. Repeat this routine for each certification exam. (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access)

Final Exam Exemption and College Credit

If you pass MOS certification exams:

  • You'll earn MOS Certification for each program.
  • You'll earn proficiency credit at Harper College
  • You'll earn 100 Certification points for each.
  • If you earn 400 Certification points, you will earn an automatic 100% on your final exam (but attendance is still required)

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification