Grader Project




Getting Started with Microsoft Office PowerPoint Grader Project [Homework]

Volcano Tour

In this project, you will edit an existing presentation that describes the tour of Volcanoes National Park offered by Lehua Hawaiian Adventures. In doing so, you will insert and format a picture, reformat text, work with list indents, insert slides from another presentation, change slide layouts, and find and replace text.

Formatting PowerPoint Presentations Grader Project [Homework]


In this project, you will format WordArt, add and format shapes, and work with graphics, such as clip art and photographs.

Enhancing a Presentation with Animation, Video, Tables, and Charts Grader Project [Homework]


In this Mastering PowerPoint project, you will format a presentation that the Golden Grove Public Relations Director will show at a meeting of the National Restaurant Owners Association to encourage new restaurant and catering business in the City. In doing so, you will apply backgrounds and themes, add animations, insert a video, and create and modify tables and charts.



BPA Competition

Business Professionals of America Presentation Management Competition




Complete the GMetrix practice certification exam.